Audience Measurement

Get an insight into the viewership of your signage network. VIS offers comprehensive retail analytics and using feed from a camera and provides multiple statistics of viewers including their demographic, time spent looking at the screen, relative content viewed, peak viewership at certain points in the content, and many more. This helps our clients reaffirm the strength and impact of their digital signage network and ultimately helps determine ROI.

People Counting

This solution provides measurement of the number of people entering a shop or shopping mall. By counting how many people enter your shop, your footfall means we can determine other key metrics which are critical to your business such as Conversion Rates and ATV (Average Value Transaction). This information helps to take better advantage of purchasing opportunities and recognizing patterns during shifts or certain days. This ultimately helps in refining strategy and planning with confidence for the future.

Proximity Marketing

At V.I.S. we understand that proximity marketing uses a consumer’s smart phone to send that consumer permission-based messages. It is a very powerful tool in the right hands because not one piece of personal information is ever collected, and the transactions are all entirely voluntary. It means customers can receive money-saving offers, and the merchants are able to realize significant ROI. We can help.